My Story and why I’m running – Steve Spagnolo

When I was three years old, I lost my father to gun violence. He was repeatedly shot by armed individuals who were attempting to rob the restaurant my father managed. No one was ever arrested for my father’s murder. In 2018, in the middle of the day, I was robbed at gunpoint, along with several colleagues, in the 17th Police District. That moment could have turned deadly at any point, and I thank God we all survived physically unscathed. No one was ever arrested in connection to the robbery, and I’ve only ever received one call from detectives about the incident. 

For years, I have fought for police reform to achieve accountability, best practices in policing, and greater investment in resources that address the root causes of crime in our communities. Now, I want to fight for all the residents of the 17th District and those who travel into the district for work or pleasure. I have lived in the 17th District for over 7 years, with my wife and our son. I have served our community as a member of the Local School Council at Albany Park Multicultural Academy, and most recently, at Roosevelt High School.

It matters how our communities are policed, and it matters when violent crimes aren’t being solved for our victims and survivors of crime. We need leadership that will hold police accountable, push back against failed “tough on crime” talking points, and work to implement impactful crime-reduction strategies. I am running because I have the personal and professional experience to effectuate real and meaningful change regarding public safety in our communities.

Steve will fight for reforms that will make our communities safer and fairer





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